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3-days Self Finance Course cum Workshop (Advancement in Wireless Communications)

Published on 23rd Aug, 2019




3-days Self Finance Course cum Workshop (Advanceme

An Opportunity of learning as well as joining in IIIT-A's PhD Programme.

IEEE CIS Summer School 2019 on "Big Data Analytics and Stream Processing: Tools, Techniques and Application"

Published on 24th July, 2019




In today's world, Big data analytics and stream processing have taken great hype due to the digitization of the environment along with the integration of smart data computing services and interconnectivity. This digitized world offers huge applications especially in the fields of agriculture, healthcare, smart education, economy, energy, industry, and a lot more. Most of the required data is gathered by the countless number of sensor devices being applied in the vicinity of humans to identify certain activities or scenarios. In order to process such a huge never-ending stream of data, there is a need to re-think the way data is processed for both cases i.e. data-at-rest and data-in-motion. In order to have knowledge about the latest trend in this field, in this IEEE CIS Summer School on Big data analytics and stream processing is aimed at highlighting the tools, techniques, and applications from the perspective of future intensive applications. To serve this purpose, this IEEE CIS Summer School features a large number of keynote speakers/plenary/invited talks on advanced topics and also offers a good platform for the participants for the innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. For more details, please visit : https://bdasp.iiita.ac.in/index.html

Springer Nature Author Workshop at IIIT ALLAHBABAD

Published on 04th July, 2019




The Workshop will focus on topics such as how to structure your manuscript with attractive title, write abstracts and compose the covering letter for the publisher including publication ethics and how to handle peer-review comments etc. This workshop will be beneficial for all faculty members and researchers interested and involved in getting their research published in international renowned publications. Who Can Participate? The workshop content is specifically designed for authors. The following group of Faculty members, research scholar sand M.Tech Students interested in writing and publishing manuscripts and journal articles will find the workshop suitable. Registration Link – https://springernatureauthorworkshopregistration.eventbrite.co.uk


Published on 11th Mar, 2019




Deep architectures are playing the most important role in the area of machine learning and are considered as the future technology and anticipated a complete paradigm shift in the area of artificial intelligence by the researchers. It is considered to be one of the most active areas of research in signal, image, vision and biometrics and comprises of supervised and unsupervised models of approach for detection/ recognition/ classification/ synthesizing the objects. The proposed one-week course will be comprising of approximately 20 lectures followed by 14 hours’ worth of lab demonstration and hands-on approach is intended to help the participants familiarise themselves with Signal & Image Processing, Computer Vision, Biometrics and Machine Learning and pertains to how all of the approaches can be applied to research problems in real life. The course also covers essentials of machine learning, deep neural networks as well as the other models how they can be applied to solve practical problems in computer vision so that more people become interested in signal processing.
Event Website: https://cvbl.iiita.ac.in/adasiva2019/

Second Summer School on Behavioural Finance

Published on 25th Apr, 2019




Behavioural finance is an emerging area of study which considers the theories based on psychology to elucidate the anomalies in the financial market. Of late there are lots of researches happening in the field of behavioural finance. The course has the objective of introducing the participants with fundamental of behavioural finance and intends to take them to a stage where they can apply this knowledge in everyday decision making.


Published on 04th Apr, 2019




The rapid advancement in the VLSI technology and system integration have made possible to design chips with more than billion transistors. With the advent of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology, it is now possible to design chips with billion transistors. A specialized one month summer training program from 4th June to 3rd July 2019 has been scheduled at IIIT-A. This training program will cover analog and digital integrated circuit design using commercial technology kits and simulation tools along with exposure to fabrication methods and PCB design.

5-Days Course cum Workshop (Self-Financed) on “Effective Image Processing and Machine Learning Tools for Contemporary Applications” with an opportunity to pursue Ph.D. programme at IIITA ( Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE CIS UP Section)

Published on 27th May, 2019




Image Processing and Machine Learning

Image processing is a prominent field of research and development nowadays. With the advancements in mobile technology and latest trends in social media, it is in more demand in the industry besides its traditional and contemporary applications in various fields. Image processing is also being used in forensics, security, medical science and data analytics with a lot of scope in other fields of research. Thus, it is the demand of present time to learn image processing effectively and efficiently to utilize the skills in robust manner for various applications. Machine learning is equally popular for various applications in present scenario which is very useful for image processing applications too.
Registration Link

International conference on “Advances in Electronics, Electrical & Computational Intelligence”- 2019 (ICAEEC-2019)

Published on 16th Mar, 2019




IIIT, Allahabad is going to organize an international conference on “Advances in Electronics, Electrical & Computational Intelligence” by the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering during 31st May - 1st June ,2019 , it will provide an platform to all the brilliant minds to showcase their imagination and thought process in the form of work done and to communicate to the rest of the world. The content of the Conference will have three prominent sections covering major disciplines of it like Power Electronics / Systems, Smart Grid, Power system economics, Energy storage systems, Power convertors, HVDC systems and FACTS Controllers, Antenna / MIMO, RF Electronics, Nano-electronics, VLSI / ULSI / MEMS,Soft computing/Computational Intelligence well versed techniques of computational intelligence like Machine Learning will also be explored.