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Published on 29th Mar, 2018




The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering is organizing a one month summer training program on “VLSI Design - 2018” from 11th June to 9th July 2018. This training program will cover analog and digital integrated circuit design using commercial technology kits and simulation tools along with exposure to fabrication methods and PCB design. The course will cover theoretical sessions as well as hands on experience on microelectronics & VLSI design related state of art tools like, Xilinx, Synopsis/Cadence, EdwinXP, FPGA, More emphasis on laboratory work will be given during the training. In addition to this, physical design and verification of VLSI systems will also be covered. For more details visit http://stpvd.iiita.ac.in

A 3-Day Workshop on Thin Film Technologies

Published on 24th Apr, 2018




Thin Film Technologies

Thin films are widely used in electronics industries, with application in the fabrication of hybrid ICs, sensors, Photonic/Optoelectronic devices, MEMS etc. This workshop will cover the introductory lectures and hands on practices on the conventional as well as advance thin film technologies. The core areas to be focused will be Metal Oxide Semiconductor storage devices, sensors and photodetectors. Device simulation will also be covered in selected lectures along with the demonstration with Lumerical software. The primary goal of this work shop is to bring together the researchers from various field and infusing expertise of specialist from related disciplines.

Summer Camp 2018

Published on 04th May, 2018




Summer Camp 2018 is a 10 days hands-on training program where students can learn basics of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) through practical training by fabricating various innovative project and Drones. The program will be organized by Antrax Labs (an IoT Startup) and PS-1925(a UAV Designing Startup) with the association of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. The summer camp is designed to provide direct communication with the experienced persons of engineering and entrepreneurship who will motivate, encourage, and help the participants with career-related discussions. The Summer Camp will enlighten the participants with the basics on the Internet of Things and UAVs. The workshop will be for 10 Days (3 hours per day) from June 1, 2018 to June 10, 2018. During this, sharp minds got involved in project fabrication with the full-time availability of experienced persons of these fields. IoT Kit, Participation certificate, Project Certificate mentioning the Grade Score and Prizes will be given to the participants.

Workshop on (ExpEYES) Interfacing Physics Experiments to Convert your PC into Physics Laboratory

Published on 17th Apr, 2018




Training is for young engineers and scientists who enable and engineering experiments and demonstrations ranging from high school to post graduate levels on computers by using ExpEYS TOOL. project of New Delhi.

A system of Guest Lectures by internationally and nationally renowned experts along with a comprehensive Faculty Development Programme.

Published on 26th May, 2016




Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN)

Govt. of India approved a new program titled Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) in Higher Education aimed at tapping the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs, internationally to encourage their engagement with the institutes of Higher Education in India so as to augment the country’s existing academic resources, accelerate the pace of quality reform, and elevate India’s scientific and technological capacity to global excellence. In order to garner the best international experience into our systems of education, enable interaction of students and faculty with the best academic and industry experts from all over the world and also share their experiences and expertise to motivate people to work on Indian problems, there is a need for a Scheme of International Summer and Winter Term. During the ‘Retreat’ of IITs with Minister of Human Resource Development Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani on 29th June, 2014 at Goa, it was decided that “A system of Guest Lectures by internationally and nationally renowned experts would be evolved along with a comprehensive Faculty Development Programme not only for new IITs, IIMs, IISERs but also other institutions in the country.