IIIT-Allahabad | Institute | The Senate


Sr. No.

Provision as per IIITs Act 2014



Director of the Institute (Ex-officio)

Prof. R.S Verma
Director,(Acting) IIIT-Allahabad


Deputy Director (Ex-officio)



Deans (Ex-officio)

1. Prof. U.S. Tiwary,
Dean (Faculty Affairs )
2. Prof. Shekhar Verma,
Dean (Special Development Affairs )
3. Prof. Anupam,
Dean (Alumni Affairs)
4. Prof. Neetesh Purohit,
Dean (Academic)
5. Prof. Manish Goswami,
Dean (R&D)
6. Prof. O.P. Vyas,
Dean (Technology Development)
7. Prof. Pritish Varadwaj,
Dean (Infra., IWD, Estate)
8. Prof. Madhvendra Misra,
Dean (International & National Relations)
9. Prof. Vrijendra Singh,
Dean (Student Affairs)


Head of the Dept. of the Institute

1. Prof. Pavan Chakraborthy,
HoD (Information Technology)
2. Dr. Rajat Kumar Singh,
HoD (Electronics &
Communication Engineering)
3. Dr. Ratan Kumar Saha,
HoD (Applied Sciences)
4. Dr. Shailendra Kumar,
HoD (Management Studies)


All Prof. other than the Deans or HoDs

1. Prof. G. C. Nandi, Professor
2. Prof. Tapobrata Lahiri
3. Prof. Ranjit Singh, Professor & Chairman (CoW)


Three persons from amongst educationist of repute or persons from another field related to the activities of the Inst. Who are not in service of the Inst. Nominated by the BoG

1. Prof. Siddhartha Panda, Professor, Deptt. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur
2. Prof. Laxmidhar Behera, Professor, Deptt. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur
3. Prof. K. Chindananda Gowda Ex-VC, Kuvempu University


Three persons who are not members of teaching staff co-opted by the Senate for their specialized knowledge

1. Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Professor, Deptt. of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay
2. Dr. Santanu Dasgupta, Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra
3. Prof. A. G. Ramkrishna, Professor, Deptt. of Electrical Engineering, IISc-Bangalore


Registrar of the Institute Ex-officio Secretary

Prof. Vijaishri Tewari Registrar (Acting), IIIT- Allahabad