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Healthy Mind and Body

The health center of the institute is a 24×7 functional body that provides OPD care and first aid facilities for the residents where prompt treatment for ailments and small wounds can be availed.

A multi-bed hospital meant for admitting students with greater illness is also maintained. Facilities like ECG and Pathology for basic routine tests on weekdays are also available and can be availed as per need.

The Medical Claim and Accidental Insurance Policy (MCAIP) ensure timely hospitalization and the best of treatments available for the students. An ambulance meant for transporting patients from institute to Nazareth Hospital and SRN Hospital in case of major illness or emergency is available round the clock. Homeopathic treatment is available on selected days.

Apart from above mentioned facilities one Lady Doctor (Gynecologist) has joined health centre and she is available five days a week.

The students are required to reveal their medical history of any type and nature such as asthma, epilepsy, HTN, diabetes or any other chronic illness, during the time of admissions so that proper treatment and care can be provided to them during emergencies or otherwise. A team of well qualified doctors , ensure the best of health care for the residential students.



  • Dos and Don’ts Protocol of IHC
  • Know your Doctors and their availability Schedule at IHC
  • Know your Para Medics & Physio and their Timings at IHC
  • List of Pathological Tests available at IHC & Sampling Timings
  • List of Physiotherapy Facilities at IHC & Physiotherapy Clinic Timings
  • List of Empanelled Specialists of IHC
  • List of Empanelled Hospitals / Nursing Homes of IIIT Allahabad
  • Office Orders

Students Corner

  • Students Medical Reimbursement Policy at IIIT Allahabad
  • Students Health Insurance Policy Document (MCAIP)
  • List of Registered students under the MCAIP Policy
  • Students Reimburse Limits from Institute

Forms :

  1. Students Medical Reimbursement Form from Institute.
  2. MCAIP Reimbursement Form for Students

Employees Corner

  • Salient Points of Employees Medical Reimbursement Policy at IIIT Allahabad

Forms :

  1. Employees OPD Reimbursement Claim Form
  2. Employees IPD Reimbursement Claim Form