IIIT-Allahabad | Network Usage Policy

IIIT-Allahabad IT Resources Usage Policy

    IIIT-Allahabad is committed to ensuring that all the faculty, staff and students of this institution have access to modern computing resources and a fully networked academic environment. In accordance with this objective, every user of these resources is expected to abide by the following rules which are formulated to ensure that the overall integrity, flexibility and operation of the network resources, privacy and academic work of the user are not compromised, and the ability to connect to international IT resources (networks) is not hampered.

     In case of any complaint, appropriate action will be decided and taken by the concerned person in-charge, in consultation with the appropriate administrative authorities. The key rules and guidelines are as follows:

1. Authorized faculty, staff and students may use the IT resources for academic work and official institute purposes. Personal usage is permitted subject to the following conditions:

       a) It does not violate any law, institutional policy or the IT act of Government of India.
       b) Does not have a detrimental impact on official institute work or academic affairs.
       c) Does not lead to a commercial gain or rewards unless explicitly allowed by the institute.

2. Users are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of their accounts and respect the privacy of other users. Sharing of passwords for any purpose is strictly prohibited and any unexpected or undesirable outcome of such a sharing will be attributed to the concerned user. Any attempt to use another person account, forge identity, or any other malicious attempt is expressly prohibited and will be viewed upon with the utmost severity leading to punitive measures by the administration.

3. Any movement or storage of copyrighted material through or, on IIIT-Allahabad IT network and its components without express consent from the owner of such material is a violation of international laws and prohibited here.

4. Any software download and installation must be preceded by due consent of the respective facility/faculty in charge. Unlicensed software should NOT be installed on any IIIT-Allahabad owned machine or any personal machine that is connected to the IIIT-Allahabad network. In the event that such software (unlicensed/unauthorized) is detected, the concerned user(s) will be required to remove it immediately failing which such machines will be blocked from accessing the network services.

5. Institute email service will be the official electronic communication channel and all users are expected to use their official email for any official/business correspondence. Users may however relay (forward) communications from their official email accounts to their personal email but IIIT-Allahabad network services does not guarantee the reliability of this relay.

6. Shared email accounts are not allowed. In exceptional cases, where such accounts are required (such as those for specific events such as the Science Conclave or other conferences), they will be created with a SINGLE designated faculty/officer user. However, in case of any unwanted, objectionable or harassing content being distributed using a shared email account, the principal account holder will be held liable.

7. Proper discipline must be maintained while making use of the computer labs. Removal of any item such as (but not limited to) keyboards, monitors, network cables, etc. is STRICTLY prohibited and anyone found carrying these items without prior written consent from a competent authority will face disciplinary action. Food items and liquids of any kind are not allowed in teaching/instruction labs. Students found carrying such items may have their lab privileges revoked (apart from the offending items being confiscated) for an amount of time deemed sufficient by the faculty in-charge of the lab. Playing games or indulging in any activity that may be deemed non-academic in nature should be avoided and may be punishable.

8. Any attempt to bypass the security and authentication measures by way of obfuscation, flooding etc., or use of unauthorized VPN services is absolutely not allowed. Users found in violation will have their network access privileges revoked immediately, along with further administrative action.

9. Individual Wireless Access points/Routers are strictly not allowed in Hostels/Dormitories/Scholar Residence. Wherever allowed, such wireless should employ sufficient authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. However, these devices will not be allowed to bypass the Institutional firewall and Proxy Devices unless approved by the network and maintenance group.

     The above list is not exhaustive and may be modified as deemed necessary. Any changes to the policy will take effect after due announcement by way of emails and noticeboards. The IIIT-Allahabad community is requested to please take note of any such information. Any violation of the above mentioned policies will lead to subsequent disciplinary action, as decided by the competent authority of the institute.