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Sixth IEEE International Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics, 07-09 December 2023 -IIIT Allahabad

Published on 31st May, 2023




WRAP is a biennial event organized by the IEEE Photonics Society in India. The primary aim of WRAP is to provide a platform that brings together global experts and researchers to disseminate and highlight novel contributions and challenges in the field of Photonics. The first edition of WRAP was organized at IIT Delhi in 2013. This is the Sixth edition of WRAP, which will be held at IIIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India. There will be six conference tracks on different topics related to photonics. https://wrap2023.iiita.ac.in/

6th one-week Self Sponsored Short Term Course on Advances in Deep Architectures for Signal, Image & Vision Applications (ADASIVA-2023)

Published on 08th Aug, 2023




Deep architectures are playing the most important

Deep architectures are playing the most important role in the area of machine learning and are considered as the future technology and anticipated a complete paradigm shift in the area of artificial intelligence by the researchers. It is considered to be one of the most active areas of research in signal, image, vision and biometrics and comprises of supervised and unsupervised models of approach for detection/ recognition/ classification/ synthesization of objects.

IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summits (WIE ILS 2023)

Published on 19th July, 2023




WIE ILS 2023

IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit (ILS) is an annual program under the IEEE Women in Engineering, one of the largest communities that strives towards overcoming the problem of underrepresentation of women in the fields of science, engineering and technology. IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summits (WIE ILS 2023) provides regional opportunities to foster networking, mentorship and possible collaboration. This program is part of the portfolio of global initiatives by IEEE that focus on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Future Technology. The IEEE WIE ILS is being hosted by IIIT Allhabad on 15th-16th October 2023 in physical mode.

XVIII Convocation

Published on 16th Aug, 2023




Eighteenth Convocation of Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad shall be held on post lunch session on Saturday, 09th September 2023 (2nd Saturday of September). The degrees shall be awarded to all such students who would have successfully completed the requirements of their respective programme till 6pm of 31st August 2023

IIITA Global Alumni Meet 2023 (02 – 03 September, 2023)

Published on 18th Aug, 2023




Global Alumni Meet 2023 (GAM2023)

The Institute is pleased to announce that IIIT Allahabad will host the Annual “Global Alumni Meet 2023 (GAM2023)” in a Mixed mode from 02 – 03 September’2023. On 2nd September 2023, we would like to invite our esteemed Alumni from Prayagraj and near-by places for a Special Get-together (with Hon’ble Director, faculty, staff and students) and the Felicitation ceremony. On 3rd September 2023, we would like to extend our Invitation to our alumni all over the Globe to join the Alumni Meet (GVAM2023) in an Online mode. The detailed schedule of both the events on 2nd and 3rd September will be displayed on the IIITA Alumni Website (https://alumni.iiita.ac.in/).

2 Days International Workshop on CYBER PHYSICAL SYSTEMS SECURITY

Published on 11th Aug, 2023




2 Days International Workshop on CYBER PHYSICAL SY

The FOG-CPS security lab of IIIT-Allahabad and Cardiff University, UK are jointly organizing a "2 Days International Workshop on CYBER PHYSICAL SYSTEMS SECURITY" during August 21-22, 2023. The event will be sponsored by the Centre for Cyber Security and Cyber Defence of Critical Infrastructures (C3i HUB), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) combines the physical and digital realms, allowing for real-time control of operations. However, this integration raises security concerns. As CPSs are used in important industries like manufacturing and healthcare, their susceptibility to attackers grows. Malicious activities have the potential to disrupt operations and harm lives. Securing CPSs necessitates measures such as robust authentication, encryption, and constant monitoring to discover abnormalities as soon as possible. Finding the correct combination of connection and security is critical for reaping the benefits of CPS while reducing dangers. In this workshop, scientists from the top academic institutions over the globe will provide an overview on the current trends in CPS security research challenges. Researchers from Industry, Government Organisations, Faculty, and PhD, PG/UG students are encouraged to attend the event and interact with the speakers. The workshop will be conducted in hybrid mode where participants from outside IIITA can join in online mode only. An E-Certificate of participation will be awarded to each participant. More details about the workshop can be found in the attached flyer or on the conference website.


Published on 21st Apr, 2023




In recent years an exponential growth in published literature on social science domain has been observed in the databases like web of science and Scopus. As the volume of publications increases, it becomes difficult for researchers and practitioners to accumulate sense making information from the scattered literature. To overcome this challenge, advance quantitative methodologies, and software tools are being employed to conduct literature review more efficiently and effectively. Systematic literature review (SLR) and bibliometric analysis (BA) are prominent methodologies for extraction and synthesis of available literature and to develop its knowledge structure.

Summer School on Computational Advances in Deep Learning and Applications (CADLA)

Published on 20th May, 2023




2023 IEEE CIS Summer School on Computational Advances in Deep Learning and Applications (CADLA) is a one week short-term course organized by Computer Vision and Biometrics Lab (CVBL) at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad during 17-21 July 2023. Breakthroughs in the field of data science and computing power over the past two decades has made computational intelligence and deep learning the most powerful tools in the field of artificial intelligence. Deep learning algorithms have shown promising success in numerous applications of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics and Automation. Present day state-of-the-art algorithms have amazed everyone with their human level performance in classification, generating life-like images and videos, automated conversations and even beating world-champions at their own games.